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Our Mission

Hope’s Garden is the sanctuary in which the spousal love of Christ the Bridegroom heals hearts, marriages and families.

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I cannot begin to express how much Hope’s Garden means to me! The best part is all of us women are so supportive of each other. There really is nothing else like this beautiful community.

I can’t tell you how much it has helped me just to know that you all are here to reach out to and walk with through these heavy crosses.

Hope’s Garden has been an indescribable blessing. I am learning so much, most of which is non-verbal. My heart is healing because of the language of True Love.

My life has forever changed since I connected with Hope’s Garden. I am grateful that I was led here.

I am learning the importance of community. I don’t have to hide and isolate…

The healing prayer gives me comfort and reassurance of my goodness in Christ.

Thank you for the Roses groups. I am very grateful for the help I am receiving.

Since I am not able to speak about my situation with a lot of people, this has provided a safe & prayerful space for me.

I am thankful for all the support and prayer I have received in Hope’s Garden.

I am experiencing a deeper peace, even during these chaotic times.

You’ve given me comfort and reassured me of my goodness in Christ. I don’t have to hide and isolate anymore.

Your intercessory prayer was so special. I could tell it was led by the Holy Spirit because of how it moved me.

I finally felt understood, loved and cared for. I also felt free to share my story and to ask for prayers.

You’ve helped me gain much understanding of myself, the wounds and spiritual attacks I battle with and to have hope that I can live more freely.

My heart has opened up to experience the profoundly intimate, unfathomable love of Christ the Bridegroom.

I do not know where this path is leading or what specifics are on it, but I know I have been led here to you. I am not forgotten or forsaken.

I look forward to sitting at the feet of the Bridegroom and listening and learning all He has for me.

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