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Dazzling Femininity

Dazzling Femininity

“There came a time when I truly recognized the genius of woman and, as it were, was dazzled by it’s light.” – St. John Paul the Great

Just recently, I came across this quote from Saint John Paul the Great in a footnote to his teaching titled “Meditation on Givenness”. My immediate response was, “Whoa! I just love this man!” And then I thought, “How have I never seen this amazing quote before?” After meditating on his beautiful words for a few days, I have to say that my initial responses still hold true and my further reflections are not much more profound. 

I can best describe my understanding of what St. John Paul II calls “the feminine genius” with the spousal love analogy. A woman’s body is the visible sign of her feminine genius and her heart. Her body is designed to be open and receptive to life-giving love, to nurture this love, and then to give birth to new life. We were created to receive love and to give love in return.

St. John Paul II’s statement has led me to pondering and questioning my experience of the female genius in my own body, mind, and heart. I would like to pose to you, my sisters in Christ, the first question that came to my mind and ask if we might ponder together the dazzling light of our femininity. 

How have you recognized and experienced the light of your own femininity?

 As I have been seeking an answer to this question, my thoughts were repeatedly drawn to memories of deep and traumatic wounds to my body and my heart. My femininity has been attacked and shamed, physically and emotionally. I was astounded to recognize the light of my feminine genius shining with the brilliance of God’s glory, right here, in my deepest wounds. 

“In my deepest wound, I saw Your glory and it dazzled me.” St. Augustine

A closing prayer:

Dear Jesus, please help me to experience and acknowledge the beauty, the preciousness, in Your feminine creation, beginning with myself. Open my eyes and my heart, that I may experience myself more clearly; that I may recognize the light that You placed within me. Thank You for loving me, Lord. Thank You for helping me to more fully receive Your love this day. Amen.

Please share your reflections in the comments.

Laura is a mother, writer, artist, spiritual mentor, and founder of Hope’s Garden. She has experienced the redemptive power of the spousal love of Christ the Bridegroom and like the Bride of The Song of Songs is passionate about sharing the truth of His intimate love for each one of us. Creativity and art have been at the heart of her healing journey and she feels called to share her creative talents with the hope of bringing beauty and the love of God to others.

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