Letters to His Roses

Come Out of Hiding

Come Out of Hiding

Dear Roses,

Are you hiding from Jesus? Do you often feel like a timid, frightened dove hiding her face, silencing her voice, guarding her heart from everyone including Jesus?

Today the Bridegroom of your soul is singing this verse of The Song of Songs to you.

“My dove, hiding in the clefts of the rock,

 in the coverts of the cliff,      

show me your face,      

let me hear your voice;      

for your voice is sweet      

and your face is beautiful.”

The Song of Songs 2:14

Saint Francis de Sales’ paraphrase of this verse speaks straight to my heart.

“Let us go, arise, says the Bridegroom, get out of yourself, fly toward me my dove, my very beautiful love. . . . Come my very dearly beloved, and to see me more clearly, come to the window through which I am looking for you; come to contemplate in my heart the gap cut in my side when my body, like a demolished house, was so sadly destroyed on the tree of the Cross. Come and show me your face.”

How comforting to know that Jesus does not ask me to come out of hiding to expose my broken heart and wounds to just anyone or everyone. And He does not expect me to simply lay myself bare before Him either. He is tenderly calling to me, wooing and alluring me out of my hiding place within my own broken heart and wounds into His aching Heart and Wounded Side. 

I do not have to hide alone. My Bridegroom desires to hide me within His very Heart and there in the holy and redemptive “cleft of the rock” He will hold me safely and gently as He heals my broken heart. And then, when my gentle Beloved knows the time is right,  He will teach His dove to fly. 

Take Heart. You are safe with Jesus.

Together in His Heart,

Laura 🌹

Laura is a mother, writer, artist, spiritual mentor, and founder of Hope’s Garden. She has experienced the redemptive power of the spousal love of Christ the Bridegroom and like the Bride of The Song of Songs is passionate about sharing the truth of His intimate love for each one of us. Creativity and art have been at the heart of her healing journey and she feels called to share her creative talents with the hope of bringing beauty and the love of God to others.

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