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I Wasn’t Calling Him But He Was There

I Wasn’t Calling Him But He Was There

God is Omnipotent
I began to walk with the Lord five years ago at the age of 42. Some may consider me a “late bloomer”. I was raised in a loving, Roman Catholic family and my late mother and grandfather are my “faith heroes”. I admired their piety as a young child, and I was curious about the Catholic faith. But, soon enough, worldly distractions and eventually pain and addiction beat those curiosities to a pulp.

In active addiction to drugs and alcohol, I put myself in situations where I should not have survived, yet here I sit – alive and in love with Jesus. That is God’s omnipotence. That is God’s strong and loving hand repeatedly pulling me out of the fire and saving my life. There is no other explanation. I wasn’t calling Him but, He was there. He was there for me every single moment of my life. His purpose for me on earth is not as a drunk or a drug addict but, as an evangelizer. He calls me to share my story. He calls me to give witness to the strength of His healing and I will
spend the rest of my life doing just that.

The adage, “If only I knew then what I know now” runs through my thoughts on occasion.

However, in that same moment, I know that everything I have been through was God’s will for me at that time. After much pain and suffering under the reign of King Alcohol, our loving Savior and Bridegroom gently and lovingly freed me from my chains to enjoy my life and share my experience. That is God’s omnipotence. I wouldn’t change anything from my painful past for fear that the relationship I have with our Savior would in some way differ and that would be heartbreaking.

God is good every minute of every day.

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  1. Heather, your witness gives me hope. My 34 yr old daughter has struggled with alcohol and drug addictions for 10+ years. I have been her rock and advocate against so many odds, while dealing with a very controlling, impatient, unkind husband who “hates her” for ruining our lives …she could have died many times….I entrusted her to Mother Mary years ago…..prayer and unfailing devotion to the Divine Mercy of God has kept her alive as she once again is trying to be sober from drugs. I thank God for your recovery and witness. Please pray for my daughter, Laura. Thank you for your courage to share. I feel very alone in my sufferings and crosses. God has used you to bring hope.

    • God bless you Mary Ann 💜. I will surely keep you and Laura (and your husband) in my prayers.
      Heather tells more of her story in this video testimony. I pray you will be blessed by it:

      May our Lord enfold you deeply in His love and give you rest.

      • Thank you Dee. Life under our roof is very very tense and difficult. If Jesus were alive I would be the biblical mother begging Him to come heal her. My faith has been tested beyond understanding what God is allowing and has allowed. Prayer is all I have and have had. I am grateful to have someone pray for me and bless me. I am grateful for Hopes Garden safe haven for broken hearts. God bless.

        • Heather and Dee, I just watched Heather’s you tube interview and witness with Karen. My heart aches for my daughter to find a way back. She is living on a precipice everyday. She cannot move forward, forgive herself, or let go . She has said to me, “I wish I could meet Jesus.”Is there somehow I can connect her to somehow communicate with Heather, who would truly understand . Thank you . Godbless you all . Pray for me, who has had the ring side seat in the cellar of hell where her addiction lives and has taken her. All thanksgiving, love, honor and praise to Mother Mary , who has held me in her arms, held me up and always marched with me with combat boots on into some dark and unsafe places to bring her home. She always leads us to her Son

  2. Hi Mary Ann

    Thank you for your loving comments. I highly suggest Al- Anon for you. I also suggest looking into The Calix Society.

    All my love,


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