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The Bridegroom Has Crushed the Power of Sin

I am a slow learner in the ways of God. A recent lesson began as I contemplated the effects my sins have had on others throughout my lifetime. As I confessed my sins to priests and received absolution, I knew with confidence that I was forgiven. Yet an image appeared in my mind of a dark, spiderweb-like veil that flowed behind me. The veil was the real effects of my sins upon others. Though I was forgiven, my sins had taken a toll on the world around me.

Awakening to this reality, I began asking Jesus to move through the web of damage I had done, for I knew I could not change the past. My ability to repair anything was tremendously limited. Only He could “do something” with this dark veil. As I stood before our Bridegroom, His love and mercy washed over me and I knew that His Presence would flow through me into the dark trail which was my past sins. In this I found great hope.

Today, as I knelt before His Real Presence, He added even more to the lesson He was teaching me. Though it was quite true that He was passing through me as He forgave my sins and was reaching out to those I had harmed, in my mind I had limited Him. Little did I know the extent of His plans.

His Unfathomable Magnificence was bursting forth from Him like a bolt of lightning. He came to make all things new. He has not only gained forgiveness for our sins, He has crushed the power of sin. The Almighty has done and is doing far more than meets the eye. It is only for us to desire that His power pass through us into our past then He can accomplish far more than we can begin to imagine. He is the God who is not held within any boundaries. His love and desire for every soul is immense. He wants to heal. He wants to draw all things unto Himself. He wants to make all things new, especially the ugly traces of sin. Only He can do it! Let us trust in Him. May His kingdom come.

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