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Abode in Love’s Blood

July is the month of the most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ! Let us steep deeply
together in our eternal stream of salvation and new life, flowing forever from His


Which invocation jumps off the page into your heart? Pray with that one line.

I am most touched by: “Blood of Christ, torrent of mercy” and “Blood of Christ that makes the barren
fruitful.” His mercy comes as a torrent, gushing and overflowing in abundance, to make the desert lands of
my heart and little life fruitful by His power, His saving Blood. I recall that old hymn, Nothing but the
Blood: “What can make us whole again? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.” Amen!

One of my favorite scenes in The Passion of the Christ is when Pontius Pilate’s wife hands a stack of white
towels to Mary the sorrowing, yet trusting mother of Jesus. Together they sop up the Blood of Jesus rent
from His scourging at the pillar. With great care, they cherish every drop as a ruby of infinite value. The
Blessed Mother knows that a single droplet of her Son’s adored Blood can save one beloved soul.
“I long to drink of his blood, the gift of unending love.” ~ St Ignatius of Antioch

Come, Lord Jesus, drench me in Your most Precious Blood. Heal my heart and make me whole again in
You. Your Blood is my shield, my protection, my life source, my redemption, salvation, stability, my
strength, sealant, and shelter. Fill my mind with Your Precious Blood, Lord. Subsume every thought of
mine into Your saving Blood. Ground me in Your truth. Come into my heart with Your Precious Blood,
Lord; heal my wounds with Your ointment of wholeness and gladness. Console me with the soothing agent
of Your Precious Blood. Come into my soul with Your Precious Blood, dear Lord; Your Bloodstream is
my rescue, refuge, refulgence, and rest, my confidence and blessed assurance. Fill my body with Your
Precious Blood, Lord; may every cell become well in the fullness of light that is the substance of Your
bountiful being. Your Love shed for us takes flesh in blood. Love’s outpouring incarnates through this
font of life. In Your Blood, Lord, we find our cover from storm, our drink of delight, and our forever
home. Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world! Amen!

“Oh Blood and water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fountain of
mercy for us, we trust in You.” ~ prayer given to St. Faustina by Jesus.

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