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Begetting Christ According to the Faith

Womb of My Heart Rosary

“If there is only one mother of Christ according to the flesh, all are begetting Christ according to the faith.” St. Ambrose

The Annunciation and Incarnation in Nazareth was a historical moment, a once in an eternity event. God entered human existence, married His Divinity to our humanity, brought eternity into time… all in and through the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In a particular historical moment, Immaculate Mary gave birth to God-With-Us, to the Incarnate Jesus. Each of us is chosen and called to spiritually give birth to Jesus… again and again. A spiritual annunciation, incarnation, and nativity occurs every time we give our “Fiat” to the will of God and the love of Christ is made visible in our corner of the world, our relationships, and our little piece of eternity.

The virginal womb of our Blessed Mother has been so beautifully described as “the womb more spacious than the heavens” for it contained the Creator of all that exists. If our hearts are to have room for Jesus, we must surrender to His gentle healing, purifying, and stretching of our hearts. Our hearts must become more and more like Mary’s virginal womb. 

I wrote these prayers to accompany the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary to deepen my own understanding of the unique way the Father is inviting me to participate in the eternal and spiritual annunciation and incarnation event. I desire to offer my heart to Him, purified, available, and receptive, a virginal womb, in which the love of Christ may be birthed anew into this time and place, into the lives of those whom He entrusts to me.

May praying this Rosary bring you joy and courage as you too make a womb of your heart for our dear Savior.

You can pray the Womb of My Heart Rosary with us on the Hope’s Garden Prayer Podcast. I am attaching the link below as well as the link to a recent talk I gave on what praying this Rosary has meant to me. May your hearts be blessed!

Together in His Heart,


Womb of My Heart Audio

Laura is a mother, writer, artist, spiritual mentor, and founder of Hope’s Garden. She has experienced the redemptive power of the spousal love of Christ the Bridegroom and like the Bride of The Song of Songs is passionate about sharing the truth of His intimate love for each one of us. Creativity and art have been at the heart of her healing journey and she feels called to share her creative talents with the hope of bringing beauty and the love of God to others.

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