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The Womb of the Heart

This year, Advent is the shortest that it can possibly be, with this coming Sunday being both the fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve! It hardly seems like we’ve had enough time to ponder the incredible reality of the Incarnation!

The Incarnation…that miraculous moment when God, with all His glory, majesty and divinity, became a tiny embryo and entered humanity through the womb of Mary! St. John Paul the Great called Mary’s womb the first tabernacle; the original meeting place of heaven and earth.

Just as Mary gave her yes to receive God’s seed, to nurture and grow His life within her womb and to birth Jesus into the world, we are each called to give our yes, that we too will allow Jesus’ life to grow in us so we can birth Him spiritually – into our own lives, the lives of our families and the world around us.

By his Incarnation, he, the Son of God, united himself with each man. Jesus came in a unique, unrepeatable way into the mystery of man and entered his heart. – St. John Paul the Great

Jesus came into your mystery! He has entered your heart, creating a unique and unrepeatable union that has never before existed…the union of your heart and His heart. Isn’t that incredible? He says: I abide in you and you abide in Me. I desire union with you, in your heart.

It is through this union of our hearts that we will birth Jesus spiritually into our lives, and to do this well, our hearts must be womb-like.

My sister, Laura, has written original reflections on each of the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, which she calls, “Womb of My Heart” Rosary reflections. As we reflect on each of the Joyful Mysteries, with every Hail Mary, we ask our Blessed Mother to “make our hearts like unto thy virginal womb.” That is, make our hearts pure, receptive, empty of attachments, free of stain.

As Jesus came once in the flesh into Mary’s womb, He comes perpetually to abide in the womb of our hearts. Wounded, fractured, poor, occupied as they may be, it is His desire to abide there in the heart of each of our hearts.

Let us turn our awareness towards Him there throughout these final days of Advent. May we each attune more and more to His Presence deep within our very own bodies. What a holy reality is taking place there!

Lord Jesus, how great Your love for each of us, which compelled You to leave Your throne in heaven and descend into the poverty of our hearts! Quiet our hearts and our minds that we may live well our inner union with You. As we enflesh You, Love Itself, within our own bodies, may our lives become a continual act of emptying our hearts of all that is not You, that You alone may take up ever more space in the womb of our hearts. Mary, Mother of our Divine Savior and our Mother, make our hearts like unto thy virginal womb. Amen.

Prayer adapted from the Womb of My Heart Rosary, by Laura Ercolino of Hope’s Garden. Click here to download the full rosary.

Copyright 2023 – De Yarrison

Wife, Mother of 3 (ages 20, 18, 7). Lover of Jesus, my Catholic faith, worship music, dark coffee, and being outdoors.

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