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Blues Dancing With the Bridegroom

“Wait for the Lord, take courage; be stouthearted, wait on the Lord.” ~ Psalm 27:14

Apparently this “waiting” in the original Greek means “intertwined.” The invitation then is to be intertwined, mingled with the Lord, so that when He runs, we run; when He stops, we stop. It is like a three-legged race, or even more, like a partner dance.

I love to blues dance. It is a form of partner dancing in which the duo is very sensitively attuned to one another’s core, the breath, the subtle movements. The man leads, and the woman follows. The woman must be just a split second behind him, to feel his rhythm, his impulse, his movements, so she can respond and stay connected to him. He must be aware of her and lead clearly, yet tenderly. Once they’ve established a connection up close he might introduce a bit of space, maybe a twirl out, perhaps bolder gestures. If they stay connected through their cores, through the breath, and through a light tension tug between their hands, they can have a lot of freedom, and a whole lot of fun! It can be joyous, unifying, and rapturous! The more comfortable they become together, there may be moments of improvisational free style, holding one hand or no hands at all. He puts a hand out and pulls her back in. She lets herself be taken. He can step back and admire her beauty, her funky fresh moves. They make eye contact, smile, laugh. He brings her in for a dip. There is a dynamism, a trust, and a freedom. They are co-mingling, unifying in their complementarity. And, if the female goes a way the male was not intending, it is his job to make her look good, to swoop in and change course to meet her there and continue the dance. No going back, just forward movement in love. They are still dancing together, and that is the whole point. Is this not our life with Christ? May we heed the invitation to the life-giving dance of love. He leads, we follow. Connecting at our core, Heart to heart, in the breath of the Holy Spirit. The bride, sensing the Bridegroom’s every move, listening in, attuning, “waiting” for His invitations, His gestures, His clear hand on the back, nudging to twirl this way or that. The joy of oneness. The ease of trust. The safety and security that we are held, seen, desired, led and loved in tender intimacy.

So let us wait on the Lord, in the very particular circumstances of our messy, moving lives. Let us take His hand outstretched to us, and let Him lead us in this marvelous, romantic blues dance. He has us. He knows just when to pull us in close and spin us out for a big fancy wild turn. He is with us, and we can let go in His arms, intertwining as one with Him.

“Draw me in Your footsteps, let us run!” ~ Song of Songs 1:4

Copyright 2023 – Marian West

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  1. I love this Marian and shared it with some of my dancer friends. How wonderful to know and remember that in waiting I am intertwined with and hopefully deepening my connection to my beloved Bridegroom. May He richly bless, meet and fill you in this new year🙏🥳❤️

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