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The Bridegroom’s Bouquet

Have you ever felt rejected?

“The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; by the Lord has this been done.” – Acts 4:11

Have you ever felt like pieces and parts, broken and worn? How do they integrate?

“Therefore, thus says the Lord God, I will gather you from the nations and collect you from the lands through which you were scattered, so I can give you the land of Israel. ” – Ezekiel 11:17

We long to be loved not just for how we can grow, or who we will become, but right now with all of our imperfections. We long to be scooped up and loved fully!

“I am dark but lovely.” – Song of Songs 1:5

I recently came upon an image of Jesus smelling a bunch of pink roses. I’ve seen it before and loved it. But upon a recent heartbreak, when I caught a glimpse of it on my bedside table, it spoke a truth to me I was longing to hear. Here is Jesus Christ, Bridegroom of my soul, scooping up all the pieces of me – ALL – the pieces of me, and taking in their fragrance with absolute love and delight. He is holding each piece of my broken being close to His Heart. It is like the line from the movie Anne of Green Gables, when Anne says full of glee: “Drink in the blossoms, Marilla!” Jesus is drinking in the blossoms of my heart, of your heart. He does not reject any part of us. No, He ardently desires every part of me, with passion and sweet tenderness. He scoops up all the shades, all the petals, and He says, “Yes. Yes, this is the beautiful heart I made. No part is lost to my Sacred Heart; every part of my bride is beautiful and beloved, totally embraced forever.”

In His right hand, Jesus holds one rose with particular attention and tenderness. This rose looks red. Perhaps this rose is the part of us that is bleeding, the weakest part, the part that is hurting the most. He gives special care to this part of us. He is cherishing all we are right now, today. And with all our broken pieces and petals, He is making a full, luscious, whole bouquet of bounty and glory. The Bridegroom breathes in the fragrance of His bride and says, “This is my beloved one, my chosen bride, my love.”

“My dove is unique, mine, unique and perfect.” – Song of Songs 6:9

Jesus, thank You for loving all of me. Thank you for treasuring every part of me and making of me a whole bouquet that ravishes your heart. Thank you for especially being drawn to my broken heart parts and restoring them in Your loving embrace of delight. I am safe in Your strong arms. I am all Yours.

Copyright 2024, Marian West

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  1. I love your story and openness to the truth. I felt swept up with your words into the arms of Christ 💗 Thank you for sharing my beautiful sister. Have a blessed Holy Week and may your wounds be transform into the resurrection of Jesus. Happy Easter ❤️‍🔥🦋

  2. Marian, you paint such a true and beautiful image of Jesus our Bridegroom. Thank you for sharing from the depths of your sweet heart where Christ reveals Himself. Absolutely beautiful. ❤️

  3. Precious Marian, part of Is 61 comes to mind as I reflect on your experience. Jesus promising to give beauty for ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. You are an oak of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor! v 3 See also v 7.
    May all of His promises come to pass in this Easter season, love Ann

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