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Honest Homage

Release. Reconnect. Restore.

Which one of these words speaks to you the most right now, in this moment? And if you could add a word or phrase after that word to describe what you need, what would it be?

For the last two Friday mornings, I have participated in a movement session called “Dance for Mental Health.” The facilitator opens with this invitation. Release. Reconnect. Restore.

The first session I said, “Release… anger and mud.” The movement that came out of me that day was stomping and brushing and fists on the ground. Very strong, angular movement. It was very cathartic. There is a piece of art that I’ve made my phone home screen. It’s an image of a bride sinking in mud. Jesus is coming to her, and He Himself is knee deep in this mud, His white robe muddied, His arms splattered with mud. His sleeves are rolled up, and He is reaching His arms down, pulling His bride out of the trenches. Her face is upturned towards Him; the light of His face is shining on her and she is radiant in His rescuing love. He comes to us in our mud; He is not afraid of it. He brings His light and love right to us. Right here. And He lifts us up, rescuing us from the sludge, into free movement.

The second session I said, “Reconnect… to calming anchor.” My movement was centered and quiet, grounding and steady, serene. It served as a stabilizing and strengthening time. What do you need? Allow your words to be a prayer. Allow your movement to be an offering of your beautiful, beloved body as a living sacrifice unto the Lord. He will meet you right there. In your mud, in your quiet. He sees you; He loves you with tender compassion; He receives this renewal of your gift of self to Him, and He longs to fill you.

One day several years ago, I was driving along, blabbing out my very raw heart to the Lord. The thought came that instead of releasing all my messy emotion to the Lord, I should probably be praising Him. With that, the words fell into my Spirit: “Your honesty is homage.” The Lord is honored and delighted to receive the honest, unabashed cry of our hearts. So say it out loud, cry it out, yell it out, stomp it out, shake it out, dance it out. And let Him fill you up with His delight in you, His peace for you, His particular love for you.

Release. Reconnect. Restore.
This is your honest homage.

Copyright 2024, Marian West

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