Author: De Yarrison

Repairer of the Breach, Part 2

Our Bridegroom yearns to live His risen life in our homes and families. Bonnie shares the power of our "yes" in God's promise: 'Repairer of the breach,' they shall call you, 'Restorer of ruined homesteads.'" (Is. 58:6-12)

His Gaze Heals Me

In His amazing, gentle way, He begins His saving work by inviting me to simply be with Him; to sit with Him and let Him look at me.

Understanding Christ as the Bridegroom

Genesis 3: About Relationships

The Bridegroom and the Eucharist

The Four Voices

The Bold Choice to Believe

Anxiety, worry and other deceptions of the enemy will not stand in the face of God's Truths! De reminds us of the power of speaking Truth out loud, especially in difficult moments.

Made New, Memory by Memory

De reflects on how the knowledge that the Holy Spirit is alive and active within us, gives us a new lens through which to understand old situations.