Author: Karen Baglieri

Who’s Your Mother?

I had a conversation the other day with my very wise, almost 95 year old, friend John. A devout Catholic, John has for decades inspired and taught me some of the most valuable lessons I have learned about our beautiful Catholic faith and life. I had stopped in for a short visit, and he insisted that I stay for a few minutes to chat. I am glad I did. John posed a very probing question to me –...

Do I Know What I am Signing Up For?

The Four Pillars of Marriage explains that Catholic marriages need to be based on a free, total, faithful and fruitful commitment of love

Finding Hope in the Desert

For years I have been captivated by this type of cactus plant and flower having first become aware of it on my many hikes through the deserts of Arizona. Fascinated by the spiny arms of the plant reaching toward the heavens, seemingly barren in the harsh and arid climate of the desert, the unusual beauty of the plant and the small but brilliant pink flower mesmerized me on numerous occasions. How ...