Author: Laura Ercolino

Love Letter from the Risen Lord

Laura shares what began as a journal entry, a means to capture her experience at the 2019 Easter Vigil Mass, but became a love letter from the Risen Lord.

A Meditation on the Divine Mercy Chaplet

The Divine Mercy Novena begins on Friday and ends on the Feast of Mercy, the Sunday after Easter.

Christ’s Hidden Wounds

Laura shares The Five Wounds of Christ. The Wounds in each of His hands, His feet, and the Wound in His Side. Laura has contemplated His physical wounds and prayed to unite my suffering with His.

Let Me See You In Me

Dear Roses, I hold each one of you in my prayers and my heart. And I thought of you when I came upon an entry in my journal from February 2019 describing a moment of life-changing prayer. This healing experience with Jesus happened as I looked into my own eyes in a mirror and was astounded by what I saw. I decided to share this encounter with Christ straight from my journal without rewriting or ed...

The Light Has Come

Laura Ercolino writes about suffering and sorrow during this season expected to be filled with joy and celebration. She reminds us that the Light has come.

Mary Bearer of the Light

Dear Roses, As I drew the image below, I contemplated the Light, Christ, the Light of the world, that Our Lady bore within her very being… she opened her womb to God’s Plan as she had already opened her heart… and He filled her with His very Self… God the Creator of the Universe become one with our humanity within the womb more spacious than the heavens. I drew through tear-blind...

Go to Jesus

Dear Roses, I give thanks to our God at every remembrance of you. I am so grateful for your continued prayers for my healing. Know that I am keeping each of you and your intentions in my daily prayers. This time of rest and physical healing gifts me with time of stillness and quiet to pray and reflect. And so, today’s letter is a brief reflection on my experience of speaking heart to Heart with Je...

Give Your Heart to the Bridegroom

Dear Roses, On June 24th 2019, I said “Yes” to Jesus the Bridegroom’s proposal to consecrate my heart and soul to Him by making a private betrothal promise. The waterfall of healing, grace, and pure love He has showered on me this past year is amazing! I started Hope’s Garden as a means to sharing the beautiful healing truth of Christ the Bridegroom’s deeply personal and intimate spousal love for ...

The Symphony that Silences

Pray without ceasing, sing His praises, speak scripture aloud - these are our weapons in the spiritual battle.

My Vineyard Heart

Dear Roses, The Grace and Peace of God be with you! I am delighted to be writing to you again and sharing my love of the Bridegroom and His divine love song, The Song of Songs, with you. The Bridegroom’s love song is the root of all that is in bloom this autumn at Hope’s Garden. We will be live streaming the third session of our Eternally Loved Virtual Workshop tonight on our Facebook page. It is ...

Eternally Loved

Dear Roses, This past weekend was the two year anniversary of Jesus leading me out of the desert of divorce and into His freedom. On the very evening that my divorce was finalized He came to me as the radiant beautiful Bridegroom of The Song of Songs and asked me to be His bride. As my children would say… Jesus didn’t wait a hot second to reveal His desire for me to be all His! In that momen...

Return, return, to Jesus!

Dear Roses, “Return, return, O maid of Shulam!”  7:1 Praying this verse from The Song of Songs has been a key to maintaining my inner calm despite the chaos around me and anxious thoughts in my mind. Making it a frequent prayer is a reminder to pause, breathe deeply, and shift my focus, my thoughts, and my heart back to Jesus dwelling within me. As the bride of Christ, I am betrothed to Him Who is...

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