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24 Hours & 24 Dishes of LOVE

In this way, there is Gospel meaning in the little, mundane gestures of life. We repeat so many small movements in a day, and we have lost the significance of them. Laundering clothes, folding the clothes, putting them away. These small actions are actions of love, for the dignity of the other, for the dignity of our own being.

The Love Challenge

Many years ago as I was being prayed with at a conference, the person praying over me said, "Love. Your vocation is love." I remember thinking, "That's what I am to Well, alright then, this will be so easy! I am pretty loving already!" 🤔

Receiving in Advent

Bonnie reflects on the parallel realities of the imperfect preparation for holiday events and the preparations to welcome Jesus and Mary into our homes and hearts.

Heart to Heart Healing

Jesus allowed Himself to be wounded and opened, creating a safe haven for us to bring our wounded hearts and open to Him. We can snuggle into Him, press our wounded hearts right up against His wounded Heart and tell Him everything.

Believe in His Exceeding Love for You

Dear Roses, "Believe that He loves you. He wants to help you Himself in the struggles which you must undergo. Believe in His Love, His exceeding Love.” Stumbling upon this quote from St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, (one of our…

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