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Did you know that at your baptism you were entered into a covenantal relationship with Christ?

At your baptism, you were sealed with the indelible mark of belonging to Christ, consecrated and set apart for God. You were anointed and clothed in your wedding garment. As the waters of Baptism washed over you, you were cleansed by the nuptial bath and made ready to partake of the wedding feast of the Eucharist when the Bridegroom gives Himself, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, to you and “the two become one flesh.”

This consecration is your opportunity to respond to Christ the Bridegroom’s invitation with a total, free, faithful, and fruitful “Yes.” By participating, you are recognizing Christ as your first love and enthroning Him as King and Spouse of your heart.

You can make the consecration on your own or with your small group anywhere, anytime. Click here to learn more and get started!
Consider joining us for our annual Consecration to the Bridegroom and Mass, celebrated each December on/near the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

Listen to Father Michael’s homily from the 1st Annual Bridegroom Consecration, titled “The Radical Love of the Bridegroom.”

Watch the recording of the 1st Annual Bridegroom Consecration Service!

Components of the Bridegroom Prayer Service

Are you making your consecration with a group? We encourage you to make it an extra special event by incorporating some or all of the components listed below. Please contact us with questions you may have:

This Bridegroom prayer service is an experience of Christ the Bridegroom’s healing and restoration of our original grace and dignity, with which God created us in the very beginning. Through our participation in this prayer service, our “eyes” open and we become aware of how He loves us as a Bridegroom – with a spousal love. And not only that, but we begin to see ourselves as He always has… clothed in His grace and dignity, which was bestowed upon us at His Incarnation. Each part of the Bridegroom prayer service allows us to stand in His loving healing gaze and come to see ourselves and one another as He created us. We were created by Love, to be loved and to give love. As our eyes are opened, we also see Christ as He truly is…the Bridegroom and our one true eternal Spouse, Healer, Redeemer and Savior!

Approximately 1-hour before Mass:

  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Reading from The Song of Songs and commentary on the symbolism of The Apple Tree.
  • Private time under the Apple Tree around the altar. The Tree of the Cross is symbolic of the “new” apple tree that redeemed the sin that took place under the first apple tree in the Garden of Eden. The Bridegroom awaits His spouses in the Tabernacle under the “apple tree” Cross. Participants will have a moment of personal prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Marian Hymn and Prayer.

For those making your consecration privately, whether at home or with a small group, you may find the information at the bottom of our “Consecrate Yourself to the Bridegroom” page helpful.

  • Reading
  • Homily / Witness
  • Consecration Commitments
  • The first station is the washing bowl, where participants have holy water poured over their hands and forearms, symbolizing being washed clean.
  • The second station is receiving our Wedding Garments. Participants will pre-purchase a white veil, shawl or handkerchief of their choice* and will have it placed upon them, symbolizing being clothed in Christ’s grace and dignity.
  • The third station is the blessing of rings and/or unity crosses. These items are optional and pre-purchased by participants if desired*.
  • Altar is prepared for Mass.

* See more information on our “Consecrate to Christ the Bridegroom” page for details around suggested items.

Celebration of Holy Mass will include:

  • First Reading from The Song of Songs
  • Responsorial Psalm (from Psalm 42 or 63)
  • Second Reading from the Book of Ezekiel
  • Gospel Reading: The Woman at the Well (John 4:1-28)
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