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Come to know Christ as the Bridegroom of your soul and experience the healing power of a relationship of intimacy with Him.

Throughout this course, we explore and unpack the rich symbolism and sensory language used throughout the Song of Songs, using it as a springboard to enter into an ever-deepening personal relationship with the Lord.

“I had never even heard of the Song of Songs. As I grew in knowledge my heart was completely taken over by the never ending limitless love of my Bridegroom. Hope’s Garden has brought me to a relationship & depth I didn’t know existed.”

What You’ll Learn:

  • Come to know Christ the Bridegroom of your soul
  • Develop a deeply personal and intimate relationship with the Lord
  • Explore the depth of meaning of the intimate language used throughout the Song of Songs
  • Learn to unveil your heart before the Lord and let the power of His loving gaze heal and restore you

“I can’t tell you what this Brides study is doing for me. It’s healing in ways that nothing else could. For so long I’d been crying out to Jesus, telling Him I didn’t love Him enough, I wanted to love Him more, but I didn’t know how. Now I do.”

“I see even more fully why I felt such resistance to signing up for the class initially. I always knew it was a resistance from the devil, but now I see the fullness of why he was so appalled at the idea of me joining this class. The last thing he wants is for me to love Jesus more, and more, and more!”

  • Heighten your awareness of God’s love for you
  • Learn to let the Bridegroom tend to, and produce good fruit, in your garden heart
  • Learn to let the Lord draw you closer to Him
  • Discover the ways you are willing or resistant to walk towards the Lord
  • Learn to let Jesus become King of your heart, soul and life, over all other idols
  • Learn of God’s deep desire to free and transform your chains into jewels.
  • Contemplate the beauty of the Lord, celebrating not only his beauty, but our own beauty as we reflect His image and likeness.
  • Learn to pray and enter into contemplation with the verses and images from the Song of Songs.

“Although I had been a practicing catholic all my life it was not until I did the Brides of Christ – Song of Songs study that I came to realize how much I was loved by Jesus. That actually was the first step for me to start my healing journey.”

About the Instructor:

Laura Ercolino,
Foundress of Hope’s Garden

Laura Ercolino, Foundress of Hope's Garden

I am a Catholic woman and mother who learned to use therapeutic tools integrated with our faith to engage my whole self in the healing process and found that, with Jesus, blooming in the darkness of suffering is possible.

As I have come to know Christ the Bridegroom, He has healed the physical and psychological effects of the trauma I endured and continues to heal my heart.

My spousal wounds and broken marriage vocation have been made new and redeemed by Christ, our one, true, eternal Spouse. Like the Bride of The Song, I desire for all souls to fall in love with the Divine Bridegroom.

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