Feminine Genius

Dazzling Femininity

“There came a time when I truly recognized the genius of woman and, as it were, was dazzled by it’s light.” – St. John Paul the Great Just recently, I came across this quote from Saint John Paul the Great in a footnote to his teaching titled “Meditation on Givenness”. My immediate response was, “Whoa! I just love this man!” And then I thought, “How have I never seen this amazing quote before?” After meditating on his beautiful words for a few days, I have to say that my initial responses still hold true and my further reflections are not much more profound.  I can best describe my understanding of what St. John Paul II calls “the feminine genius” with the spousal love analogy. A woman’s body is the visible sign of her feminine genius and her heart. Her body is designed to be open and...[Read More]

God’s Grace in the Here and Now

Grace is the love and mercy of God, freely given to us by God because He desires for us to have it. He is a good and gracious gift-giving Lord. And all He asks is that we be humble and grateful gift receivers. As women, God has gifted us with receptivity, an inherent quality of our feminine genius. He created us with “alert, awakened, joyful readiness” to receive love. Like Mary at the Annunciation, we can choose in each and every moment to say “Yes Lord. Shower Your grace upon me, here and now!” And what seems to me to be an incomprehensible truth is that all God asks of us is to be aware of His ever-present Presence in the perpetual NOW and to open ourselves to receive the gift of His Grace. This shower of Grace is God’s gift to us in each and every moment but we can only receive it in t...[Read More]