Letters to His Roses

Time to Choose

“I urge you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.” Romans 12:1 For over twenty years this verse has been one of my favorites….just ask the retreat team that I worked with for over twelve years.  Little did I know what implications this would have for my life. Early in 2014, life’s struggles, idols, stresses, and years of not listening to the voice of God, brought me to a place of overwhelming darkness and hopelessness that I could not escape.  What followed was a soul-crushing journey that eventually brought me to a CHOICE….either FOR GOD or against Him…..life or death, enslavement or freedom, and in that moment I chose FOR God… for life.  That...[Read More]

His Wonders

Dear Lovely Ladies, Daily Mass is a lovely way to begin each day. Sitting quietly before the Mass I invite the Holy Spirit to bring thoughts and inspirations. Yesterday, He directed my gaze upward to a stained-glass medallion of the Sacred Heart over the altar. The life size Crucifix and the tabernacle with the Lamb upon the golden door are beneath the medallion. This combination of symbolism alone is enough to draw my heart to Him; yet on this day I saw this familiar scene with new wonder. I was struck anew by the medallion’s details, the Bridegroom’s upper body encircled by twelve rose hearts and His left hand pointing to His Sacred Heart burning with overwhelming love. I cannot comprehend this vast Divine love that has always been within me. How long has He been waiting for me to arrive...[Read More]

Return to His Peace

Dear Roses, As I rise from bed every morning my prayer is to ask Jesus to give me the grace to remain within my interior chapel listening to His voice while together we arise and get to work. How can I be Mary at the feet of my Jesus interiorly while fulfilling the duties He has given to me with the devotion of Martha? This has been a challenge and a fruitful practice. A key for me has been making this verse from The Song of Songs a frequent prayer reminder to pause, breathe deeply, and shift my focus, my thoughts, and my heart back to Jesus dwelling within me. “Return, return, O maid of Shulam!” 7:1 As the bride of Christ, I am betrothed to Him Who is Peace; I am the “maid of Peace.” His peace that passes all understanding is mine if I choose to ask, to open, and to receive His peace agai...[Read More]

Suffering with Purpose

How can we take those darkest moments of our lives and grow through the purification of our souls and desires?    When I was suffering for over three years with soul crushing depression and suicidal ideation along with multiple physical ailments I begged God to end my suffering, to alleviate the pain, to help me find some recourse, some lifting of that suffering.     Thankfully God had led me to the beautiful teachings about redemptive suffering before I became sick.  I KNEW I could do something good with the pain. I KNEW something good could come out of that pain. So I would offer it up as a prayer and sacrifice, sometimes for my family members, sometimes for the redemption of mankind, sometimes for someone else that I KNEW was also suffering.    Uniting my suffering to Jes...[Read More]

Interior Silence

Dear Living Roses, I live in a home with teenagers and young adults, so my only opportunity for a time of quiet, of exterior silence, is in the early morning. I dedicate my waking moments before I even rise from bed, to greeting my Beloved and waiting, wrapped in the stillness and peace of the dawn, for Him to awaken my heart with His whispering. Maintaining interior silence so I may hear the quiet inspirations of the Holy Spirit throughout the day is not so easy! Becoming aware of when my thoughts are focused on anything but the present moment and gently returning my focus to Jesus and where He has asked me to be in the here and now is bearing great fruit. It may sound trite but it is true that pausing and breathing in His Presence… deeply and deliberately… and exhaling my ten...[Read More]

What Your Heart Holds

Dear Living Rose, Your heart holds so much sorrow and longing… and Jesus desires to turn your mourning to dancing and to fulfill your deepest longings. His Love alone can soothe the ache and satisfy desire of your heart. You were created by Love, for Love, to be loved by Love Himself… Jesus the Bridegroom of your soul. Invite Him into your Heart and be astounded as His tender loving transforms your sadness and anxieties into roses of joy and together you and the Bridegroom of your soul create sweet memories. Then your heart will truly be a golden box overflowing with sweetness. Together in His Heart, Laura 🌹

Compelled to Share

REFLECTION ON THE FEAST DAY OF MARY MAGDALENE As I reflect on the readings today and the life of Mary Magdalene I can’t help but be overwhelmed by her longing and perseverance in seeking out Him who her soul loved even before she knew Him.  Soul deep love…soul deep longing….soul deep attraction, after having lived a life of distraction. I know this longing….this desperation, for I too was that desperate.  After years of depression and suicidal ideation and constantly being drawn to the church and the power of the sacraments, I one day found myself on the floor of the Adoration Chapel begging God for help.  Begging God to bring me life, for I was dead….spiritually, mentally, and nearly physically.  I KNEW HE was the only answer.  And so I surrendered again after years of persistent se...[Read More]

A New Heart

Dear Roses, “There is no need to be dismayed if love sometimes follows torturous ways. Grace has the power to make straight the paths of human love.” This quote by St. John Paul the Great has given me much to ponder. Here is a bit of my pondering…. May we be unafraid to invite Jesus into the secret depths of our hearts so He can pour His healing grace upon all our wounds especially those caused by the “torturous ways of human love.” For by His grace, our hearts are made new and we are empowered to love Him and others as though we had never been wounded. God has promised to give us a new heart, ”I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you” Ezekiel 36:26, and Jesus wants to give us His very own Heart. One of my go-to prayers for years has been, “Jesus, meek and humble of he...[Read More]

The Doorway to My Heart

This pain is a door to healing.  I am not afraid to open this door because Jesus walks with me.  He is leading me along the path of healing. When I stop asking Him to just take the pain away and see the pain as the doorway to His Heart  and to compassion and understanding for others then the pain is transformed into  Love.   

I Will Betroth You

“I will betroth you to myself forever, betroth you with integrity and justice, with tenderness and love; I will betroth you to myself in faithfulness and you will come to know Yahweh.” Hosea 2:19-20 Christ looks at you and sees His “promised bride.” Period. He loves you and desires to be one with you here and now, in this moment. The past is irrevelevant to Him. For He knows that if you but choose Him now, He can heal and redeem your past. This is what His pure spousal love does… continually re-creates and redeems. The Bridegroom of your soul gazes at you and exclaims, “Behold, I make all things new. Let Me love you into beautiful newness!” The Bridegroom invites you into a new and everlasting relationship with Him. Will you say, “Yes, here I am Lord. Let it be done unto me according...[Read More]

Living Word

Jesus the Bridegroom invites us to chew upon the Words of wisdom; His living Word, the Bible. Savor this food. Yes, savor it over and over until you take ownership of what is meant just for you. Submerge yourself into the cooling water of His Word and let it become a part of you. Jesus is alive; He is the Word. Open to Psalm 139 and ponder His love for and in us. We are created as wonderful beings to love each other and Him. This love magnifies Our Father and is our purpose, walking in truth and dignity as His creation. Savor each word and note what speaks to your heart. His time is eternal and He has chosen this moment in time for you to receive this Word into your heart. Our Bridegroom waits for you to lift your eyes in love and wonder and receive this outpouring of love from His heart. ...[Read More]