Personal Reflection

My Journey Home

Draw me in your footsteps, be my protection, my strength and my way. You are bringing me home, home to You and with you.

Mercy for our Misery, Pity for our Pit

Marian shares a powerful perspective shift on our suffering, miseries, and emptying out, based on the life of St Therese the Little Flower.

The Bold Choice to Believe

Anxiety, worry and other deceptions of the enemy will not stand in the face of God's Truths! De reminds us of the power of speaking Truth out loud, especially in difficult moments.

Made New, Memory by Memory

De reflects on how the knowledge that the Holy Spirit is alive and active within us, gives us a new lens through which to understand old situations.

The Light Has Come

Laura Ercolino writes about suffering and sorrow during this season expected to be filled with joy and celebration. She reminds us that the Light has come.

The Symphony that Silences

Pray without ceasing, sing His praises, speak scripture aloud - these are our weapons in the spiritual battle.

In the Vineyard with Jesus

Our vineyard hearts need the Divine Gardener to keep the weeds and the little foxes from wreaking havoc. De writes about our need for Him to tend to our hearts so our lives will yield good fruit.

Own Your Belovedness

Megan beautifully presents the important challenge of owning our own belovedness and opening our hearts that we might see the belovedness of others, even those who cause us difficulty or annoyance.

Christ’s Living Roses

Similar to the Aztec culture of Juan Diego's time, far too often today, women allow their dignity and their purity to be sacrificed to 'false gods' - lust, pornography, and other forms of sexual violence.

Birthing New Life Through Suffering

In this post, I am sharing the vision and words our Bridegroom gave to me earlier this month while I prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet with members of the Sisterhood of Mary, Mystical Rose of God. I ask that you would please read it prayerfully and keep praying for mercy and healing for all His Roses… the Roses that can only fully bloom when men and women recognize and respect the dignity of one another and their complementary relationship… God’s plan from the beginning. Mary, Mystical Rose of God, enfold us all in your mantle of protection and comfort. Love and prayers, Laura 🌹 Yesterday, (September 1, 2020), as Jo, Brenda, Michele, and I prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet for all His Roses and the men whose thorns harm not protect them, Jesus spoke to me about and allowed me to sh...[Read More]

Transforming Love

Dear Roses, Jesus doesn’t just desire the transformation of our hearts. He desires our total and complete transformation in His Love… a transfiguration of our souls, hearts, minds, and bodies which necessarily leads to a transformation of our thoughts, words, and deeds. He wants to make us NEW in every way! As the Bridegroom heals our hearts and makes us new in His Love, we enter more fully into a spousal relationship with Him. And so we must take some time in prayer to ask Him, “My Jesus, how are You calling me to live our spousal love not just in my prayer time but throughout my day, in my vocation, work, leisure, and relationships with others? Show me how to live our Love.” At Hope’s Garden, as we journey through The Song of Songs with our guidebook The Cantata of Love, our hope i...[Read More]

Incomprehensible Truth

Jesus is standing waiting for me at the wedding altar in this moment, but He was also there yesterday, last week, two years ago, ten years ago, every day, every moment of my life beginning at my baptism.

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