School of the Bridegroom

The Fragrant Nard of Your Life

“‘My nard’, says the Bride. She might as well say: my life! For this is in fact her whole being, the very essence of her being that is poured out at the feet of the King. To her King, who has just called her ‘my love’ and has promised to cover her with gold and silver jewelry, she does not respond with words pf gratitude. Her first and genuine response can be given fully only by her life: my nard, myself, my life, silently and lovingly poured like nard spilling out of a broken vase; what other response can I give you?” This priceless sweet smelling nard that we have to offer the Bridegroom is our prayers, our acts of kindness and mercy, the small sacrifices we make all day long, in essence all we do in love for God and one another. And so, we too can say with the Bride of The Song of Songs...[Read More]

Your Unique Song of Songs

St. John Paul II said, "Your journey must be like an original new edition of The Song of Songs.” This quote has truly pierced my heart and has also become the heart of my personal mission as I walk alongside other women coming to know Christ the Bridegroom.

Your Heart is My Home

The family of the Holy Trinity desires that we create a spiritual home within our hearts where They may abide. What comfort and joy this brings to our troubled souls to know that we have a true home deep within us that as St. Catherine of Siena said we are to carry with us always. Wherever we may go, whatever the atmosphere we must live in, we can always be at home with Jesus.

Your Unique Song of Songs

Dear Roses, One of the quotes from St. John Paul the Great from The Cantata of Love that has truly pierced my heart is this one, “Your journey must be like an original new edition of The Song of Songs.” As I have been looking back at my journey with the Bridegroom, I can see that this is exactly what Jesus and I have been doing! My life with the Bridegroom has become our own personal edition of The Song of Songs. As I gradually came to this realization, I was amazed and astounded. If anyone had told me two years ago that this was what God had planned for me I would have laughed and told them they were crazy! In fact, I think I did say this to Father Michael when he Would tell me that God had healing, restoration, and plans for a future full of goodness in store for me. But neither Father M...[Read More]

The Healing Gaze of Christ

Laura expresses how the gaze of Christ penetrates right to our souls...accepting, cherishing, healing.