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Amor Christi Facit Omnia Nova

Christ’s love makes all things new

A global community of enclosed garden hearts consecrated to Christ the Bridegroom.

“She is a a garden enclosed, my sister, my promised bride; a garden enclosed, a sealed fountain.”

Song of Songs 4:12

Our charism is to live as Brides of Christ

We are committed to following St. John Paul II’s instruction to make our lives a new and original edition of the divine love poem, The Song of Songs.

Spousal prayer and a dependence on Christ as our Spouse and the head of our households is at the heart of our consecrated life.

Three Forms of Consecrated Life

Form 1:
Consecration to Christ the Bridegroom
  • A private devotion
  • For women, men and couples
  • Enthrone the Bridegroom as King of your Heart
  • Includes commitment to the spiritual formation of Christ the Bridegroom as offered by Hope’s Garden
  • Link to book
Form 2:
Betrothal Promise to Christ the Bridegroom
  • One year commitment to deepen spousal relationship with Christ
  • Membership in the Hope’s Garden Community (Women’s Community or Men’s Community)
  • Daily prayer for the mission of Hope’s Garden
  • Sisterhood with Catholic women also committed to Christ as their Bridegroom
  • Includes commitment to developing the mission of Hope’s Garden
Form 3:
Perpetual Vow of Spiritual Marriage
  • Private perpetual vows of chastity, obedience, and simplicity of life
  • Single, widowed, annulled Catholic women
  • A community of enclosed garden hearts living as Christ’s spouses in the midst of the world
  • Commitment to a daily living out of the call to be transformed into icons of Mary the Bride and Christ the Bridegroom.

Fountain that makes the gardens fertile, well of living water, streams flowing down from Lebanon.

Song of Songs 4:15

All hearts that desire to live enclosed in the Bridegroom’s love, in union with His will, and abiding in Him, the Source of Living Water, are welcome regardless of vocation or state in life.

“She belongs to her beloved. She is his, in a way that is impossible for any being to belong to another being; for there is in me something that is inalienable and that can be surrendered to no man on earth, no matter how bound he is to me.”

Father Blaise Arminjon, The Cantata of Love: A Verse by Verse Reading of the Songs

I am my Beloved’s, and his desire is for me.

Song of Songs 7:11

Feel free to contact us with any questions

Laura Ercolino, Foundress of Hope’s Garden

Father Michael Stalla, Spiritual Advisor of Hope’s Garden

Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

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