Letters to His Roses

My beautiful Roses, you are sitting in My holy water, being fed from the roots up so you will be beautiful at My coming. In this vase, you gather your strength from one another and you support one another, and that’s what makes this bouquet beautiful. – Jesus

The “Letters to His Roses” share personal encounters with the Bridegroom, lessons learned in His School of Love and
teachings on His Divine Love Song, The Song of Songs.

Be At Peace

Dear Roses, This is a favorite prayer of mine from one of the Hope’s Garden patron saints, St. Francis de Sales. His prayer has restored my inner peace time after time. I pray this prayer will comfort your heart too. Together in His Heart, Laura 🌹 “Do not look forward in fear to the changes in life: rather, look to them with full hope that as they arise, God whose very own you are, will lead you safely through all things, and when you cannot stand it, God will carry you in His arms. Do not fear what may happen tomorrow. The same understanding Father who cares for you today will take care of you then and every day. He will either shield you from suffering or will give you unfailing strength to bear it. Be at peace… put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations.” St...

Together in Prayer

Dear Roses, How often we feel powerless when witnessing the suffering of others. I know I am experiencing this feeling of powerlessness almost daily as I cannot even comfort my sisters with a hug or a gentle touch of the hand due to social distancing. This powerlessness is a feeling not a fact. For indeed we always have recourse to the most powerful help and work of mercy we can offer one another… prayer. Let us join our hearts together in prayer for one another and all of Jesus’ Living Roses. “O Christ, our Bridegroom and Mary, Mystical Rose of God, please give to each and every one of Your Living Roses the comfort of Your Presence, let them know they are not alone. Gather them in your mantle, Mary and make of them a beautiful, fragrant and blooming bouquet of living ros...

Journey through the Desert

Dear Roses, My journey through the desert of divorce was long, three years long, and dangerous, and exhausting but the Bridegroom never left me to perish from dehydration. He sustained me with His Living Water. He is a gentle and wise Lord and knows my heart in all its depths and shadows. Just as heavy rain on dry land runs off or evaporates before the thirsty ground can absorb it, a parched and scorched heart cannot take in a torrent of Love. And so my Gentle Bridegroom came at first as the dew fall – imperceptible, gentle, and silent. He soothed my thirsty heart just enough to sustain me and create a longing for more… more of His refreshment. As I recognized that what I thirsted for, what refreshed my weary heart, and what alone would keep me alive in the desert, was Christ and onl...

Desert Hearts in Bloom

Dear Roses, “Therefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the desert, and speak tenderly to her heart.” Hosea 2:14 I have never been to an actual desert and yet I do not need to use my imagination to visualize this verse from Hosea. There are physical, geographical deserts and there are spiritual deserts. Christ the Bridegroom is our Living Water so any place, even our own hearts, devoid of His Presence is a barren desert, our personal Egypt.     Jesus led me out of my Egypt and with every step, every touch of His feet upon the sand of my desert heart, a stream of Living Water appeared and life blossomed.       If you are thirsting in your own desert or your heart is a desert barren of hope, Christ your Bridegroom is calling to you… “I am with you here in this place of dryness ...

Everything is Grace

Dear Roses, I recently read this short reflection in a daily Catholic Wisdom email I receive. I took to heart Father Traynor’s statement that the most important question in each and every moment is “How is God loving me right now?”. What kisses am I being sent from Heaven in this moment? What a perspective shift it has been to ask myself this question throughout the day! How it changes everything to see all of life as gift of love chosen just for my heart from the Heart of the Father. He is truly a loving and gift-giving Father and in the sacrament of this present moment His freely given gift of the grace that will sustain me is flowing upon me. I am reminded of St. Therese’s statement… “Everything is Grace and so I choose ALL!” Dear St. Therese, p...

Morning Offering

Dear Roses, I want to share with you one of my morning prayers to our Bridegroom. I hope it blesses your day. Together in His Heart, Laura 🌹 “Good morning, my dear Jesus, Thank you for a new day to grow in love with You. I give you this day and all of myself through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I offer You a total, free, faithful, and fruitful gift of all I was, all I am, all I will be. I unite my offering to the offering of Your Self on the Cross and in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Fill me Lord with Your Presence so that all I think, say, and do may radiate and share Your Light and Love. Pour Yourself out through me upon all those whom I meet. Amen.”    

I Am With You

“I am with you here in this place of dryness and thirsting. Reach for Me, call out to Me, open yourself to Me. I desire to fill you with Living Water, to quench your thirst, and to love you into full bloom.” Jesus, the Bridegroom of your soul

The Bride and the Ascension

Dear Roses, I was meditating on the Ascension and this quote of Pope Benedict’s from the Magnificat… ”Thus, as Benedict XVI wrote, it would be a mistake to interpret the Ascension as “the temporary absence of Christ from the world.” Rather, “we go to heaven to the extent that we go to Jesus Christ and enter into him.” It brought to mind two things… First, the Bride’s words from chapter 8 of The Song of Songs, “Set me like a seal on your heart, like a seal on your arm.” As I have prayed with that line, that prayer, and read the corresponding reflection in the Cantata of Love, I have come to understand that when we are one with the Bridegroom He not only stays with us but He keeps us with Him. He is the seal on our hearts and we are the seal He wears on His… Together…...

I see your suffering

“My Precious Roses, I have seen your suffering; I have heard your cries; and I am coming to save you. Your Bridegroom is coming.”

God paints you the Milky Way

Dear Roses, Everyone knows the darkness… we have all been in an abyss of one kind of darkness or another and, if we are honest, we know that there is a darkness within each of us. We have all sinned and fall short of being worthy of the superabounding unconditional Mercy and Love our Lord thirsts to pour upon and within us. We are all in need of Jesus’ forgiveness and healing and we feel the call to extend the forgiveness we receive to ourselves and others. Our beloved Bridegroom invites us to cooperate with His grace and to work with Him so the scales may be removed from our spiritual eyes and then the brilliant Light of Christ will illuminate the darkness surrounding us. Each of us will be astounded to find that on the sky of even our blackest night God has painted the glistening, ...

New Life in the Tomb

Dear Roses, The tomb is the space where death and life meet… where what was once violated, ruptured, desecrated, and believed to be lifeless, cold, and defeated is – through His resurrection power – raised to new life. New life in Christ happens IN the tomb. Just as the new life of the butterfly happens in the tomb of the chrysalis. We do not need to fear death or our tombs if we invite Christ to be with us, if we unite ourselves to His death and moments in the tomb… If in our tombs we do not give in to fear of the dark or despair but rather claim His resurrection power and wait… wait with patient anticipation for the Dawn – the Dawn of the Sun of Justice – the Dawn of the Son of Love and Mercy, Hope and Healing. Wait… for He will come… the Sun always rises… A...

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