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Knowing Christ as my Bridegroom has led to such deep and profound healing of my heart and in particular my spousal wounds. And now that I have experienced His Love and transformative healing, I just want to share Him with others! – Laura Ercolino

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Meet the One who sees you completely & loves you fully

The Bridegroom is coming. The ancient Israelites were waiting for the Bridegroom of Yahweh to come and save them. He is coming in our time as the Bridegroom of each unique, unrepeatable, and cherished soul. He comes desiring to heal and restore the purity of our wounded hearts.

The father of lies with his distortions of God’s truths regarding love, sex, and marriage has attacked each soul on a deeply personal and intimate level and his destruction has insidiously infected our hearts, our homes, the culture, the Church, the world. And so, the Bridegroom comes to each soul, inviting us to a deeply personal and intimate encounter, a spousal relationship. As we consecrate ourselves to Jesus as the Divine Bridegroom, His love will pour out of our hearts like a flood of life-giving water. And this desert world will come alive and bloom with flowers of dignity, grace, and mercy.

Why We Need the Bridegroom

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The Bridegroom Speaks Podcast

Listen to The Bridegroom Speaks Podcast.

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