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A Trinity Talk

June 14, 2024

Virtual Monthly Workshop

June Virtual Workshop:

“A Trinity Talk”

Presented by:

Jeanette Clark

$15 Workshop Fee (free for members of Hope’s Garden and Men of Hope communities)

We are so grateful to have Jeanette Clark to present our June workshop.  Jeanette will be speaking about the artist Rublev’s Trinity icon.

“As I sat … in front of Rublev’s Trinity, I noticed how gradually my gaze became a prayer … (and) my inner restlessness melt(ed) away and lifted me up into the circle of love, a circle that could not be broken by the powers of the world.” Henri Nouwen, “Behold the Beauty of the Lord.”

What does a 15th century Russian icon have to say to us today about who God is and about our call to live every moment in union with him? Declared by many to be the finest piece of art ever created, Andrei Rublev’s 15th century icon lifts the corner of the veil into the very life of God, the perfect relationship of love among the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is this mystery that marks our beginning and our destination. Rublev’s Trinity has layer after layer of theological depth that can give our weary hearts a place to rest and be restored in the life-giving love of LOVE itself. Come and spend some time uncovering these symbols and prayerfully entering into the icon’s mysteries which reveal a call for our own unique participation in the life of the Triune God who longs for our longing.

“There exists the icon of the Trinity by St. Andrei Rublev; therefore, God exists.”

– St. Pavel Florensky.

In this workshop, we will explore:

  • How to appreciate Rublev’s Trinity icon
  • Our call to share in the very life of the Trinity’s communion of love at every moment
  • Praying with the icon

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