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Hope’s Garden has three podcasts….

The Bridegroom Speaks podcast by Hopes Garden

The Bridegroom Speaks

The Bridegroom Speaks podcast from Hope’s Garden is your source for heart to heart conversations about Christ the Bridegroom and His Divine Love Song, The Song of Songs. Listen and fall in love with Jesus, the Bridegroom of your soul and Healer of your heart.

Heart to Heart Spiritual Direction

It’s all about the Heart – the Heart of Christ. As we enter more deeply into the mysteries of the Sacred Heart, our hearts heal and we learn to love as Jesus loves. Father Michael Stalla, the spiritual advisor of Hope’s Garden, offers spiritual direction from the heart of Jesus to our hearts. In each episode, Father Michael offers guidance, answers questions, and with the heart of a shepherd, he helps us to put on the heart and mind of Christ in our daily lives.

Hope’s Garden Prayers podcast by Hope's Garden

Hope’s Garden Prayer Podcast

Join the women of Hope’s Garden in prayer as we bloom together in Jesus’ love under the mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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