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Jesus summons men and calls them friends, warriors endowed with authority.

“I have never heard a speaker address this important topic in such a concrete, meaningful, touching and inspiring way.”

Jesus summons men and calls them friends, warriors endowed with authority.

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Marco Casanova, Assistant Director of Desert Stream Ministries touches on these important issues in this powerful talk:

  1. Jesus summons men from the corruption of lust and calls them friends, warriors endowed with authority to humble themselves before each other and so become strong in truth. Our becoming real men requires resistance—facing hard areas with focus and fortitude.
  2. We are roused to love women well but must overcome the temptation to treat her boyishly, like a mother, or cruelly, like a sexual object. Either initiative incurs her misandry, which casts shame over us like a net.
  3. Born of Mary, Jesus leads us to the Father and to each other as sons so together we can become strong in love and love women well.

Workshop also includes:

  1. Video teaching called “The Roots of Shame & Narcissism” taken from from our Hope Blooms healing retreats.
  2. Saint John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter, On the Dignity and Vocation of Women

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