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I have found the One whom my soul loves.

– Song of Songs 3:4

Imagine this…

as God creates each human person, He’s singing to us. A timeless song of true love is engraved, inscribed deep into our hearts by God Himself.

And then we are born into this world, with its noise and endless distractions, our hearts, our ears attuned to many other voices and priorities. Until one day, all in the Lord’s timing, we rediscover His Song…

Hope’s Garden-led Sessions

Registration is currently open for our Summer 2023 Brides of Christ 1 Session (learn more below).  Join us in our women’s community to learn about new offerings and our Fall 2023 sessions, which will include Brides of Christ 1, 2, and 3.

Self-Paced Sessions

Hope’s Garden “Brides of Christ 1” is available in a video-based self-paced study. Lead a group at your parish, participate with friends or on your own! Click here for details on subscribing to the video series.

Learn More About the Bridegroom’s Love For You

Come then my love, my lovely one come.
For see, winter is past, the rains are over and gone.

– The Song of Songs 2:10-11

Register Now for Summer 2023 session of Brides of Christ 1!

  1. Complete the registration form below.
  2. Purchase your copy of The Cantata of Love, a Verse by Verse Reading of The Song of Songs, published by Ignatius Press. The Cantata is our guide as we journey through God’s divine love song, and is available at Amazon or through Ignatius Press.
  3. Purchase your companion journal in our Shop (optional but recommended!).
  4. Watch for a confirmation email!

Brides of Christ
Part 1

Begin your adventure into The Song of Songs!
Find healing with the Bridegroom.

Level 1 covers The Song of Songs 1:1 – 2:7 and through page 162 in The Cantata of Love

The Prologue
1st Poem: The Winter of Exile

What you can expect from our Brides Level 1 study:

  • Deepen your understanding of The Song of Songs as well as much of scripture.
  • Connect salvation history with your own life’s narrative.
  • Learn from the great mystical Saints, such as St. Teresa of Avila and St. Bernard of Clairvaux.
  • Experience the healing love of Christ the Bridegroom.
  • Enter into a Divine Romance with your One True Love.
  • Develop a rich interior prayer life.

Brides of Christ
Part 2

Deepen your soul’s connection with the Bridegroom through greater detachment and increased receptivity and openness.

Level 2 covers The Song of Songs 2:8 -5:1 and corresponding pages in The Cantata of Love

2nd Poem: The Spring of Betrothal
3rd Poem: The Summer of the Wedding

What you can expect from our Brides Level 2 study:

  • Enter more deeply into Divine intimacy.
  • Surrender more fully to the Bridegroom’s love.
  • Allow the Bridegroom to rightly order our desires.
  • Learn to live as a Bride of Christ in our daily activities.
  • Understand how we draw others to the Bridegroom.

In Brides Level 2, the readings in The Cantata of Love will be supplemented with writings from the Saints as well as a comparison of various translations of The Song of Songs.

Brides of Christ
Part 3

Learn to sing your own unique Song of Songs
with the Bridegroom.

Level 3 covers The Song of Songs 5:2 – 8:7 and corresponding pages in The Cantata of Love

4th Poem: The Storm of Summer
5th Poem: The Autumn of the Fruits
Conclusion: The Golden After-Season

What you can expect from our
Brides Level 3 study:

  • Experience the Bridegroom’s merciful Love.
  • Discover the difference between spiritual fruitfulness and productivity.
  • Grow in understanding of how union with God is possible here and now.
  • Come to know Mary as the fulfillment of the Bride of The Song of Songs.
  • Explore St. John of The Cross’ Spiritual Canticle and its connection to The Song of Songs.

In addition to the Cantata, Brides will need this version of St. John of the Cross’ Spiritual Canticle.

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