domestic violence

Christ’s Living Roses

Similar to the Aztec culture of Juan Diego's time, far too often today, women allow their dignity and their purity to be sacrificed to 'false gods' - lust, pornography, and other forms of sexual violence.

Overcoming Darkness with the Light of Love

“I have often drawn attention to the fact that in woman is contained, as it were, the final word of God, our Creator. For womanhood denotes the future of man. Womanhood denotes motherhood, and motherhood is the first form of entrustment of one man to another. The word “entrustment” is especially important here. ‘God wants to give another person to you’ means that God wants to entrust that other person to you. And to entrust means that God believes in you, trusts that you are capable of receiving the gift, that you are capable of embracing it with your heart, that you have the capacity to respond to it with a gift of yourself.” – Saint John Paul the Great Every new life, from the moment of conception, is gift from God. Every woman whom He chooses to entrust with His precious gift has ...[Read More]