The Light Has Come

Laura Ercolino writes about suffering and sorrow during this season expected to be filled with joy and celebration. She reminds us that the Light has come.

The Prophetic Work of Advent

Megan reminds us of our mission to be the prophetic voice calling out HOPE and TRUTH into our generation. Holy Spirit, fill us with courage to live our mission!

Finding Hope in the Desert

For years I have been captivated by this type of cactus plant and flower having first become aware of it on my many hikes through the deserts of Arizona. Fascinated by the spiny arms of the plant reaching toward the heavens, seemingly barren in the harsh and arid climate of the desert, the unusual beauty of the plant and the small but brilliant pink flower mesmerized me on numerous occasions. How could such a beautiful flower blossom in such a hostile climate? When I listened to the sermon presented by Fr. Patrick Schultz of the Diocese of Cleveland (link below) I understood why and what correlation it had to my life. Our hearts, Fr. Patrick explains, are beautiful flowers in the patchwork of God’s garden. Created and sustained by the providential care of God, our hearts yearn for Him, wai...[Read More]