The Symphony that Silences

Pray without ceasing, sing His praises, speak scripture aloud - these are our weapons in the spiritual battle.

In the Vineyard with Jesus

Our vineyard hearts need the Divine Gardener to keep the weeds and the little foxes from wreaking havoc. De writes about our need for Him to tend to our hearts so our lives will yield good fruit.

The Symphony That Silences

I have heard my Lord calling to me in the night, His voice tender and sweet. The voice of my Beloved is music, healing balm, to my broken heart. And my soul cannot help but to sing a song of love and thanksgiving in reply. The prayers of the Rosary and The Song of Songs are the lyrics of our love song. I have also heard the whispered hissing and incessant manipulative chatter of the evil spirits. The demons want only to tear me away from my Beloved and they know that it is in hearing His harmonious soothing song that I am drawn ever closer to His Heart. They utter words that entice me to doubt who my Lord has said I am and the everlasting unconditional love He has professed to me. “Who do you think you are? Why would the Lord of Creation love you? You are nothing. You matter to no one. You...[Read More]

Heart speaks to Heart

This I know to be true: Jesus desires a relationship with me even more than I desire one with Him. I also know that the foundation of all relationships is frequent honest communication; speaking and listening heart to heart. My relationship with my Lord must be no different than any of my other relationships. In fact, I realize now that how Jesus and I communicate, (speaking, listening, and sitting together in silence) needs to be my model for how I communicate with everyone. Honest communication with my Lord means I am safe to share all my thoughts, emotions, desires, and fears. Jesus longs for me to talk to Him about every detail of my life including my inner self-talk and painful emotions. He can even patiently listen to me tell Him that I am angry with Him, that I don’t understand Him,...[Read More]