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Jesus has taken me up the mountain and is now revealing Himself to me in a new and indescribable way.

 I can now rest in the arms of Jesus, who is guiding me to a place of safety.

My heart has been completely taken over by the never-ending, limitless love of my Bridegroom.

The Brides of Christ study from Hope’s Garden gave me the push I needed straight into Jesus’ arms for all eternity! A true gift to the Church!

I have come to understand more fully and know more deeply the love that Christ the Bridegroom has for each of us and for ME.

This Song of Songs study has been transformational in my faith journey.

I can’t tell you what this Brides study is doing for me. It’s healing in ways that nothing else could.

Thank you for being an open vessel through which the Lord’s love flows so beautifully.

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