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After completing the Christ Program, I’m now able to find peace amidst the storm and greater comfort during life’s trials. I highly recommend this course to everyone!

Taking all the treasures, wisdom, and practical tips from DBT while adding an indispensable Christological element, the CHRIST program helped me find ways to physically soothe my anxious nervous system while instructing me on how to enter my Christ-centered mind in order to discern God’s will in every situation of my life.

The Christ Program has enriched all aspects of my life, especially in relationships with myself, others, and God.

The Christ Program has given me the tools to share what I process in my mind and I can be vulnerable and known to my spouse. This allows us to understand the other at a much deeper level and to hopefully reduce the anxiety and fear of what we think our spouse is thinking and gives more insight to truly see them as they are.

I am blessed that my husband was also participating and learning the Christ Program. We have found using new skills has helped and enlightened our disagreements and misunderstandings.

The Christ Program has taught me how to successfully “take every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ” (2 Cor. 10:5)!

I found using the skills taught in the CHRIST Program helped me get in touch with all the thoughts and feelings I was experiencing. It allowed my wife and I to understand the other at a much deeper level.

The CHRIST program has helped me learn to renounce the lies I have been conditioned to let ruminate in my mind and claim the truth of who I truly am, a beloved daughter of Christ. Doing this frequently has brought me peace and a renewed understanding of myself and others.

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