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Jesus has taken me up the mountain and is now revealing Himself to me in a new and indescribable way.

I felt Him deep in my soul share how He had guided me through everything in my life’s journey to get me to this day, time and union with Him.

I am His and He is mine. I am a new creation in Christ!

I have a sincere desire to please my Beloved Bridegroom. Things that used to distract are fading away.

Everything is different since my consecration to the Bridegroom…the way He speaks to me…the way I hear Him. He is now MY Bridegroom!

Consecrating myself to the Bridegroom has been freeing, solidifying, grounding, securing and integrating.

My heart has opened up to experience the profoundly intimate, unfathomable love of Christ the Bridegroom.

My heart and soul are hungry, open, and ready as I have given Him my “Yes” to whatever He wills for me.

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