Dry Bones Came Alive

The hand of the LORD came upon me, and he led me out in the spirit of the LORD and set me in the center of the plain, which was now filled with bones. He made me walk among the bones in every direction so that I saw how many they were on the surface ...

A Meditation on the Divine Mercy Chaplet

As I have been praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet for some time now, I have deepened my understanding of this very powerful prayer. How remarkable it is that our Lord Himself dictated the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to Saint Faustina. Jesus appeared to her...

Heart speaks to Heart

This I know to be true: Jesus desires a relationship with me even more than I desire one with Him. I also know that the foundation of all relationships is frequent honest communication; speaking and listening heart to heart. My relationship with my L...

God’s Grace in the Here and Now

Grace is the love and mercy of God, freely given to us by God because He desires for us to have it. He is a good and gracious gift-giving Lord. And all He asks is that we be humble and grateful gift receivers. As women, God has gifted us with recepti...

Sanctify This Moment

Laura writes about sanctifying traumatic memories by finding Jesus in the darkness. "This I know to be true… Jesus has been with me, within me, at every moment of my life even in utter darkness, even when I had no awareness of His presence.

The Ever-Present Canvas of God

Laura reflects on the creativity of our Divine Artist and the mindful choice we make to pause and receive the gift of beauty.

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